MB Celebrates Lunar New Year with a Dragon Dance

This week, MB classes marked the beginning of the Lunar New Year, an important holiday for billions of people in east and southeast Asia and around the world. The holiday’s two-week celebration began today, February 1.

This year, the celebration brought together students in Qiong Waters’ Upper School Mandarin class and our Kindergarteners. They collaborated on a parade that showcased the traditions of the Lunar New Year literally throughout campus.

Kindergarten students played gongs decorated with festive designs for all the campus to hear, and they enthusiastically led a Dragon Dance parade which featured a red and gold dragon dancing in traditional fashion.

The Dragon Dance was the culmination of a collaboration with upper schoolers that started in the fall. Paired in small groups during their meetings, the older students designed creative activities to teach the Kindergartens how to count, and they introduced some basic characters as well such as “月(moon)” and “龙(dragon).”

In Lower School Science, the Kindergarteners studied the science of sounds and constructed their own Chinese instruments, including a gong and a bolang gu.

See more of the celebration in the video below. Happy Year of the Tiger!