MB TRIPs to Return in Summer 2022

Our Travel, Research & Immersion Programs (TRIPs) will resume in the summer of 2022 in all three divisions with experiences in the White Mountains, the Galapagos Islands, Kenya and more (Lower School trips are contingent on the successful rollout of Covid vaccinations for children younger than 12). You can see the robust schedule here, and we encourage parents and guardians to learn more at our TRIPs Fair on Monday, Nov. 22 from 6:45–7:30 pm via Zoom.

“We’re so excited to bring back this signature part of the MB experience. Our faculty create trips that authentically immerse students in myriad cultures and experiences, providing both transformational learning and lasting memories,” says Gara Field, Director of Global Education and Social Innovation. “We’re providing children with the perspectives and cultural competencies to be engaged global citizens.”

Each year, Gara works with a group of faculty leaders from each division (Rob Pike – LS, Yulie Lee – MS, Kate Turner – US) who partner with teachers to plan a diverse range of experiences.

A central objective of TRIPs is to make these opportunities available to all students. We have developed a robust TRIPs scholarship budget to maximize participation, with the goal of providing every student at least one educational travel experience during their time at MB. In 2018–19, the last full year of TRIPs, 62% of MB students (449) engaged in an educational travel experience.

“Travel puts students in unfamiliar situations, which helps them gain new perspectives and a level of resilience and confidence that can only be gleaned by these real-world experiences,” says Head of School Matt Glendinning. “We believe that it’s an essential part of education and that we have a responsibility to provide it to every student.”

The decision to move ahead with educational travel this summer came after research of school practices across the country and consultation with medical professionals. MB will continue to monitor public health conditions in areas where summer 2022 TRIPs are planned. New safety parameters will also be in place; among other protocols, students and faculty must show proof of vaccination and a negative COVID-19 PCR test 48–72 hours prior to a trip’s departure.

You can find a full list of TRIPs planned for summer 2022 here. Please contact Gara Field (gfield@mosesbrown.org) for additional questions.