Moses Brown Announces New Head of Lower School

This summer, Moses Brown is pleased to welcome the new leader of MB’s lower school: Osvaldo José (OJ) Martí. OJ joined the MB community in July. He was the founding Head of School at Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy, Middle School 2 in Lincoln, and previously worked for Highlander Charter School and Teach for America (Providence and Philadelphia) as a teacher and a leader. He is a graduate of Providence College and has his master’s in education from the University of Pennsylvania. As a candidate, OJ distinguished himself for his leadership, expertise, experience, and record of strengthening communities. In addition to his abundant professional accomplishments, OJ’s genuine, warm, and open demeanor — and great sense of fun — also shone through. Says Head of School Matt Glendinning, “OJ’s passionate commitment to the public good of education makes him an ideal choice to lead MB’s lower school.”

Born in the Dominican Republic, OJ went to school in Pawtucket before earning a degree in business management on a full academic and leadership scholarship at Providence College. He then earned a master’s in education at the University of Pennsylvania while teaching math in Philadelphia, and joined the teacher development team at Teach for America. When TFA needed someone to manage the Teacher Leadership development program in Rhode Island, OJ returned to the Ocean State. In that role, he co-founded the Latino Instructional Coaches National Network and became the founding principal at Middle School 2 of Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy; he continues to work for the Center for Leadership and Educational Equity as a facilitator and coach. At every step, OJ’s commitment to educational equity — and to building a strong mission-driven team culture — has helped him support, coach, and strengthen teachers’ daily practice.

This wealth of experience is only part of what made OJ a match for Moses Brown’s Head of Lower School position. A dynamic visionary, he is passionately committed to a demanding and engaging academic program, and the differentiated instruction that will meet the needs of all students in our diverse world and school. He values top-quality teaching, working closely with instructors individually, and the home/school partnership that is central to who we are at Moses Brown. His vision and our mission align.

The many constituencies who met with OJ quickly recognized him as a strong and charismatic leader. One parent commented that in his gathering with lower school parents, OJ was “confident yet humble, aspirational and inspirational, clear, and contagiously exciting. He welcomed the idea of working in partnership with faculty and parents.” That this session, as well as others, was peppered by laughter speaks to OJ’s ebullient personality and his skill telling stories — an attribute important to all aspects of school leadership.

Great school leaders embrace the contrasting tensions of their roles and, ultimately, it is this ability that most clearly led to the selection of OJ as our new lower school leader. He is both inspiring and realistic; reliant on data and also deeply human; focused on curriculum and pedagogy while recognizing that it is the people who define a school. We look forward to introducing OJ to Moses Brown this September, to lead, to inspire, and to help us remember to laugh.

Please join us in welcoming OJ Martí to Moses Brown.