New Fitness Center to Debut this Spring

“The Box” gets an upgrade

The Waughtel-Howe Field House is the home of MB’s many athletic teams and hosts lower- and middle-school Physical Education activities all year.

This past year, MB took a close look at its fitness offerings and embarked on plans to offer a new upgraded Fitness Center which will be relocated to a space previously known as “The Box.” This multi-use space (“The Box”) has long been home to PE, and at various times basketball and wrestling as well, since its inception in 1977. This winter it will be undergoing its biggest transformation yet.

The space before renovations began

MB Athletics and Operations are busy transforming the space and are looking forward to opening its doors to the community.

“Being able to service all three divisions and strengthen and support all of our students, to compete on the field, and build healthy habits for life, is our goal,” says AJ Kizekai, Director of Athletics. “We want to create more space for all of our students. This new space will give everyone the ability to engage there and create healthy habits.”

The expanded new space will more than double the footprint of the current fitness center.

It’s something that’s been under consideration for a number of years, although COVID accelerated that transformation as the school was forced to examine the best use of spaces campus-wide. “It’s one positive,” AJ comments. “We had time to step back and examine our spaces, recognizing how limited we are in the current fitness center. The new fitness center will offer more space and have better air circulation, air-conditioning for year-round use, and virtually all new equipment, strength training and cardio. The pandemic led us to think creatively about what we could do there.”

He hopes to engage all students, as well as faculty and staff in the process, and says planning incorporated community feedback and suggestions. AJ credits past parent Eric Falk P ’11’14’14 of Perform Better and the school’s Facility/Operations team as being instrumental partners in the new center’s design.

“We want the space to be inviting,” AJ says, “and everyone in our community to feel at home and excited to work out there.”

MB will continue to offer training programs in the fitness center, helping students learn the basics or challenge themselves.

AJ hopes to open the new space before the end of the school year. “This is going to be big for our community,” he says, “to have this caliber of space, to help our athletes be competitive, to practice injury prevention, and to help see all of our students be active and healthy. For me, it’s beyond athletics. It really will be a place for our whole community to come together for fitness and health.”