Obertones visit MB for an exchange of music

Moses Brown was lucky enough to host the Obertones on campus on April 6 for a collaborative music session with Lower School Chorus. The Obertones are a successful traveling men’s and nonbinary a capella group from Oberlin College in Ohio. We’re fortunate that Lower School Music Instructor Chad Putka is an Oberlin graduate and was a member of the Obertones during his time there.

Chad with the Obertones

It was a fantastic experience for the lower schoolers. They were treated to a great, high-energy Obertones performance, were able to chat with the group members, and even got to sing with them.

“It’s always amazing to watch young singers interact with older musicians, and it gives them the opportunity to see a future where they continue to make music—not necessarily as a profession, but because they love it,” says Chad. “Having the Obertones on campus helped to model a positive attitude about music making and get the Lower School singers excited about singing for their whole lives.”

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