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  • Full Time School Nurse

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  • Maritime Studies and Sailing Camp First Mate

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  • Middle School Latin Teacher

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  • Nursery through 6th grade School Psychologist/ School Counselor

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  • RISE Camp Lead Teacher Preschool Division

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  • Upper School Health & Wellness Instructor / Coordinator of US Health & Wellness Curriculum

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  • Communications internship (school credit)

    (writing/editing/social media)
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Equal Opportunity

Moses Brown School will not discriminate in the employment of faculty and staff, including the hiring, promotion and termination of employment, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment on the basis of a person’s race or color, religion, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, genetic information or any other status protected by law.

Moses Brown recognizes same-sex marriages and affords employees all accordant benefits.

Moses Brown expects its faculty and staff to fully support its Equal Opportunity policies.

ADA/Disability Accommodation
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable state law, Moses Brown School will not unlawfully discriminate against qualified applicants or employees with disabilities who can perform the essential functions of their jobs with or without reasonable accommodations. The school will not discriminate based on disability or perceived disability in the employment of faculty and staff, including the hiring, promotion, and termination of employment, benefits, and terms and conditions of employment.

In accordance with the law, it is the school’s policy to provide such qualified applicants and employees with reasonable accommodations, except where such accommodations would impose an undue hardship on the school.

Employment Benefits

Moses Brown School offers eligible faculty and staff benefits if they are regularly scheduled to work at least 50% of full time. Benefits are prorated based on full time equivalency. Temporary employees replacing faculty or staff on leave, or other adjunct employment, are excluded.
  • Health Insurance: All half time or more employees are eligible to participate in Blue Cross/Blue Shield, with the school contribution prorated based upon a 100% full time employment contract. The full time cost benefit is the amount equal to 90% of any individual plan or 50% of any family plan. Premium payments are pre-tax (section 125) through payroll deductions.

  • Retirement: Moses Brown School is a member of the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA) and the College Retirement Equities Fund (CREF). After a one-year waiting period and having attained age 26, faculty or staff will be eligible to participate if on continued appointment working at least 1000 hours annually.

  • Remission: Application for admission must be made to the admission office, and the acceptance decision will be made in the customary manner, based on the appropriateness of the applicant for the Moses Brown School program, and on space available at the child's grade level. The Tuition Remission benefit is equal to 100% for the first child of all faculty and staff, and is pro-rated for FTE’s of 50% or greater. There is a one-year eligibility waiting period for new hires. The Remission budget is capped at 7.5% of budgeted gross tuition. Any amount of need above the cap is shared equally between the remission employee families.

  • Other: Other benefits including vacation, personal time, and holidays are outlined in the faculty-staff handbook and will be discussed at the time of interview.

Learn more about our school

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  • Friends Education

    The belief that there is something sacred in us all dwells at the very heart of Friends education. The "Inner Light," as it is often called, guides teachers and students in their pursuit of simplicity, equality, and personal truth. Nurturing rather than dogmatic, a Friends school challenges students to reflect upon and articulate their conclusions about firsthand experience in the classroom and outside of it. Student-centered classrooms and a proactive mentoring system encourage children to grow into conscientious scholars and socially aware people.
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  • The Setting

    On one peaceful campus, Moses Brown School includes three developmentally distinct schools: lower, middle, and upper.
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  • MB's Diversity Mission Statement

    As a Friends school, we adhere to the Quaker tenet that every human being possesses a unique inner light reflecting dignity and worth. Our mission is to support education and teaching within our community by initiating activities and discussions that promote understanding and respect. We are responsible for building an environment of trust where each individual can feel safe. We are committed to the challenge of confronting issues of injustice, discrimination and intolerance.