MB at-a-glance

Board of Trustees

Moses Brown is governed by a Board of Trustees, comprised of roughly 30 volunteer members, one-third of whom are Quakers. As the name implies, the Board is charged with holding the school “in trust,” i.e., ensuring the existence of Moses Brown School in perpetuity. To do so, the Board deals exclusively with long-term strategic issues, focusing on four main areas: 

  • it selects, supports and evaluates the Head of School, to whom it delegates authority to manage the school;
  • it develops broad institutional policies that guide the Head in running the school;
  • it ensures that the school operates in accordance with all legal requirements; and it is accountable for the financial well-being of the school. 
New Trustees are chosen for three-year terms by the Board after a careful nominating process that elicits input from the MB community. The Clerk of the MB Parents Association and the Alumni Association serve as Trustees during their terms of office. The Board meets six times annually and at other times as needed.

Paul Adler P’14 ’16
Issmat Atteereh P’13 ’18
Greg Baldwin ’87
Neil S. Beranbaum ’86 P’22 ’24
Clerk, Enrollment & Marketing
Russell Carpenter ’59
Charlene Cassese P’16 ’18
Clerk, MB Parents’ Association
Peter Crysdale
Elaine Dickson P’18 ’22
Jane Dietze P’20 ’23
Edward F. Fischer ’83 P’12’14’17
Habib Y. Gorgi ’74 P’08’10’12’17
Clerk, Board of Trustees
Clerk, Executive Committee
Karen Hammond P’10 ’14 ’14
Michael Hirtle
Lee Jaspers P’11 ’14
Recording Clerk, Board of Trustees
Kaplan Mobray ’90
Asst. Clerk, Board of Trustees
Gardner Lane P'27 '28
Kathleen Levesque P'12 '14 '17

Rachel Littman ’87 P’20 ’22
Clerk, Trustees Committee
Matt Glendinning

Frederick Weiss
Frederick Martin
Mike McGuigan
Donald McNemar
Friends Coordinator
Kara Milner P’19 ’21 ’27
Mary Lee Morrison
George T. Panichas ’83 P’15 ’18
Clerk, MB Alumni Association
Jim Procaccianti ’76 P’19 ’23
Alisha Pina Thounsavath ’96
Lisa Rocchio ’85 P’14 ’15 ’21
Clerk, Nominating Committee
Brad Shipp ’83
Clerk, Buildings & Grounds
Liesa Stamm
Stephen Thomas P’27 ’30
Heather Tow-Yick ’94
Dawn C. Tripp P’19 ’24
Clerk, Nurturing Friends Education Committee
Carl Weinberg P’90 ’94 ’16 ’24
Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Clerk, Budget & Finance Committee
Cecily Ziegler P’22 ’24
Elizabeth R.B. Zimmerman P’94