MB's Vision: Learning, People & Place

MB Believes, a vision for learning, people and place, is an innovative plan for an innovative school. It will reshape the educational landscape at MB and provide a transformational experience for generations of children at the school. MB is working with innovators, advocates, ambassadors and philanthropists to bring this lofty plan to fruition. We hope you’ll get involved! —Matt Glendinning, Head of School
<b>remaining true to our historic strengths while also evolving and innovating, renewing</b>
On October 18, 2013, Moses Brown School unveiled a new strategic plan called MB Believes: a vision for learning, people and place. The bold and comprehensive plan responds to a fundamental reality: today’s children – tomorrow’s leaders – are going to need a particular set of skills and values in order to lead lives of success and purpose in a rapidly changing world. In creating that plan, Moses Brown seeks to honor the past and embrace the future. Indeed, for 230 years this has been the school’s particular genius: the ability to remain true to its historic strengths while also evolving and innovating, renewing its promise for each rising generation. Watch video: The Historic Core of MB.
<b>bringing the world to our classrooms and our classrooms to the world</b>
At Moses Brown, we believe in bringing the world to our classrooms and our classrooms to the world. A new program called MB TRIPs – Travel, Research & Immersion Programs – will make journeying and discovery a pervasive learning paradigm throughout the school. More specifically, it will allow every upper school student to have a significant travel experience at least once in their high school years, regardless of financial circumstances.

Did you know that 1,500 CEOs surveyed by IBM – representing 60 industries in 30 countries – identified creativity as the skill most needed by leaders today and into the future?

Moses Brown is creating a powerful and unique pedagogical framework called The Expert Thinking Model, the goal of which is to foster an ability to apply factual knowledge to solve real-world problems creatively. A companion facility called an iLab (Innovation Lab) will provide a home base for hands-on, collaborative projects. Watch video: Expert Thinking, iLab, & World-Class Teaching.

MB is also investing in its faculty in innovative ways, e.g., creating cross-disciplinary team-teaching opportunities, providing training in pedagogies such as Project-Based Learning, and developing teacher leadership positions in each academic discipline.
<b>the best minds engaging with the broadest perspectives</b>
Did you know that the most powerful learning emerges from teams with the most diverse knowledge and background?

At Moses Brown, we believe in best minds engaging with broadest perspectives. We seek to create a student body made up of the brightest, most talented and diverse children possible, as a means both of opening access to education and accelerating learning for everyone.

The single largest and most ambitious goal in our strategic plan is to add $15 million to our endowment, specifically intended to fund scholarships.
<b>plans for stewarding our campus involve two significant building projects, including a new Community & Performance Center</b>
MB’s new Community & Performance Center will become a reality thanks to an $8 million lead gift from Dean Woodman ’46, great-grandson of one of MB’s most innovative headmasters, Augustine Jones. (Watch video: Dean Woodman's '46 historic gift & Community & Performing Arts Center)

MB worked with architect Trung Le from Wonder by Design on the original concept for this innovative building, which was then designed and engineered by Michael Viveiros and the team from Durkee, Brown, Viveiros, Werenfels in Providence. The 34,000 square foot facility opened in December 2016. Click here for more details.

The Providence Journal reports on an historic gift to MB

In October 2013, readers of the Providence Journal were treated to a detailed and richly illustrated story about the MB Expo, our three-day festival celebrating play, passion and purpose and exploring the future of education at Moses Brown. It was during the event that Dean Woodman ’46 announced a gift of $5 million in support of a Community & Performance Center, the largest gift in the school’s 230-year history.

“My enduring passion for liberal arts education began at Moses Brown and the school instilled in me a commitment to the pursuit of excellence,” says Dean. “It’s really gratifying to think about my great-grandfather first introducing vocal and instrumental music to MB more than a century ago, and for me to be in a position now to help the school build a new community and performance center.”

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