The Admission Committee will consider each candidate who has completed the admission requirements. Experienced faculty and administrators comprise the Admission Committee for each division of the school. Each committee will render one of the decisions below for the applicant and recommend the appropriate placement of all admitted students.
This decision indicates that the candidate is qualified to attend Moses Brown School and shows promise of not only benefiting from, but also contributing to the school community. This student is offered an enrollment position. You must accept or decline the school’s offer on or before the due date indicated on your contract. A $1,000 deposit will be necessary to hold the position.

Wait Pool
This decision indicates that the candidate meets the qualifications to attend Moses Brown School, but there are no places currently available. The wait pool is comprised of a small number of qualified candidates available to fill a specific opening in a specific grade. The wait pool candidates are not prioritized. When an opening arises in a particular grade, the Admission Committee reconvenes to determine which candidate in the wait pool can best fill that position. The wait pool does not carry over from one application season to another.

Not Admitted
This decision indicates that at this particular time the candidate is not the appropriate educational match for Moses Brown School.
Other Decisions Affecting Admission


The Admission Committee determines the placement of the student in the appropriate grade level. A candidate who has a July through September birthday is evaluated for one of two grade choices. Our firm cut-off date is October 1. Occasionally a candidate may be admitted or placed in the wait pool at a level other than that for which the candidate applied. In this instance, the Admission Committee has carefully considered the many aspects of the candidate’s profile — academic, emotional, and social experiences — and has determined which placement would best ensure the most success at Moses Brown School for the candidate.