2013-14 MBAA 2013-14 MBAA
1st row John Baldwin '94, Jason Engle '98, Jane Knowles '81
2nd row Dave Keyser '89, George Panichas '83, Brian Panoff '94, David Murphy '91, Keith Monchik '90, Brad Shipp '83 and Dir. of Alumni Relations Karin Morse '79 (see complete listing on right) 2012-13 MBAA
1st row Brian Panoff '94, Brad Shipp '83, Jason Engle '98
2nd row John Baldwin '94, Adrian Hendricks '58, Keith Monchik '90, Dave Keyser '89, Albie Dahlberg '87, John Pariseault '97 (see complete listing on right)
Fostering lifelong relationships with the school and fellow alumni.
One of Moses Brown’s most important organizations is the Alumni Association. Formed in the early 1950s, the MBAA serves to further the goals of connecting alumni to each other and engaging them in the life of the school today. Although every graduate is considered a member of the Association, the MBAA asks fellow alumni to contribute dues, which are used to fund various events including the annual golf outing, the Athletic Hall of Fame, and other regional and campus events. The MBAA also supports an alumni intern (hired from the graduated senior class) who works each summer in the alumni office, gathering information from recent graduates as well us upcoming reunion classes.

Today, the Association is guided by a 22 member Committee which meets 4 times each year. For more information or to get involved, please either contact the clerk Keith Monchik '95, keithmonchik@yahoo.com or Karin Morse '79, director of alumni relations at (401) 831-7350 ext 191 or via email at kmorse@mosesbrown.org.
Moses Brown is extremely fortunate to have a base of more than 4,500 active, loyal alumni and an exceptionally committed and hardworking team of alumni volunteers. It is the alumni who benefit most from the time and energy volunteers devote to helping classmates stay in touch with each other, and with the school today, and to building support for the school and its programs.

If you are looking for a way to get more involved, please consider a volunteer role. We hope you will use the links on this page to learn more about the responsibilities of the Alumni Association, class correspondents, stewards and reunion volunteers, but that’s not all. If you would like to meet with students to talk about your career path, write for the Cupola, or plan a regional event in your area, let us know.

If you are a veteran volunteer, we hope these links will answer any questions you may have. Of course, we are always glad to hear from you, so if you need further assistance please contact us at (401) 831-7350 x288, or via email at alumni@mosesbrown.org.