Reunion 2017 is scheduled for May 20, 2017. If your class year ends in 2 or 7 then save the date! Do you want to join your reunion committee? Contact your Reunion Liaison below. Main phone is 401-831-7350. Extensions listed below.

5th 2012 Karin Morse '79,, x191
10th 2007 Karin Morse '79,, x191
15th 2002 Karin Morse '79,, x191
20th 1997 Linda Kaplan,, x234
25th 1992 Brian Platt,, x196
30th 1987 Perry Buroker,, x289
35th 1982 Karin Morse '79,, x191
40th 1977 Brian Platt,, x196
45th 1972 Perry Buroker,, x289
50th 1967 Linda Kaplan,, x234
55th 1962 Brian Platt,, x196
60th 1957 Brian Platt,, x196
65th 1952 Brian Platt,, x196
70th 1947 Brian Platt,, x196

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