Diversity @ MB

As a Friends school, we adhere to the Quaker tenet that every human being possesses a unique inner light reflecting dignity and worth. Our mission is to support education and teaching within our community by initiating activities and discussions that promote understanding and respect. We are responsible for building an environment of trust where each individual can feel safe. We are committed to the challenge of confronting issues of injustice, discrimination and intolerance. (Moses Brown Diversity Mission Statement)
Our mission as a Friends school calls on us to provide excellence within all aspects of our programs and our diversity initiatives build the values and skills that our students will need to succeed in an increasingly global and interconnected world.
Moses Brown School strives to create an inclusive community that reflects the economic, racial, cultural, and religious diversity of our increasingly global world. We recognize that every human being develops a sense of his or herself based on a variety of identities, including abilities/ disabilities, class (e.g., parents' level of education, family income/assets), ethnicity, gender, language, race, religious preference, and sexual orientation. As a community we work to validate and support the identity development of our students, and to nurture an appreciation for the richness that is gained by being a part of a diverse community.

The All-School Diversity Committee (which includes faculty, staff, parents, alumni, senior administrators, board members and the Head of School), has created several overarching goals to focus its work, including:
  • To ensure that the student experience is supported and that diversity discussions advance in the school's three divisions.
  • To participate in the development of the school's next generation of strategic planning,
  • To ensure best practices in admissions and hiring.
  • To further delineate and utilize clear lines of communication and decision making with regard to the school's diversity, management and governance structures.
  • To assess Moses Brown School's success and to make recommendations regarding its diversity-related goals and aspirations.
MB: Diversity Works
The All-School Diversity Committee is pleased to share "Diversity Works" with our community. The document (see sidebar), provides a snapshot of the efforts that have occurred in classrooms and on campus recently that support learning around eight human identities that we all share (gender, ethnicity, race, religion, sexual orientation, socio-economic class, abilities/disabilities, and language).

As an educational community, Moses Brown School believes that our diversity makes us stronger. In light of this, the All-School Diversity Committee composed a summary document, available here, that explains some of the reasoning behind this belief and how we strive as an institution to explore the diversity of our community and of the world around us.

MB Diversity Works: March 2016

MB Diversity Works: September 2015

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