Summer Theater Trip – New York, NY | June 12 – 15, 2017

The goal of this trip is to expose Moses Brown students to a wide variety of performing arts in the undisputed mecca for performing arts in the United States – New York City. The idea is to “blitz” participants with as much as this amazing cultural location will allow in four days, and three nights. This TRIP is not for the casual theater-goer or for students who want to say they’ve seen the “hottest show” on Broadway. This trip is for high school students who want to immerse themselves in the stressful and exciting world of live performance.
Come enjoy a NYC Theatre experience that involves taking in the sights, the sounds, and the stage. Bring your walking shoes since we will set out on foot, and walk at least 5 miles per day. Aside from taking in the shows, we will create opportunities for “free time” to explore the city in small groups within a defined area. Last year we stayed in a two-story apartment on the Upper East Side that we booked through Airbnb, and since it worked out well we plan to do it again. This whole-house accommodation alleviates a lot of safety and logistical concerns with staying in the “big city.” It is also great to have a common area for chatting about all of the fantastic productions we will be attending. We will prepare and eat a number of common meals—both fun and economical! There will be some communal chores around cooking, and cleaning.
Dates: June 12 – 15, 2017
Cost = $800
Co-Leaders: Steve Kidd & Lance Evans
Max. = 12 students