Fine & Performing Arts

At Moses Brown, the arts have an exceptional vibrancy imbued with both the discipline and the emotive depth that makes art so integral to society. The program is built around the philosophy of developing the whole person — mind, body, and spirit. Developing artistic literacy and personal expression are essential elements of a comprehensive education.
"Young children possess a remarkable, intuitive relationship to what they see. Their senses are truly alive. Twenty drawings of the same subject should be as different as the twenty different imaginations experiencing that subject. In part, my quest as a teacher is to dispel notions of who is an artist and who benefits from an arts education. Everyone is an artist."
—Cathy Van Lancker, Visual Arts Program Director

"Teaching choral music at the upper and middle school level means introducing styles, genres, eras, composers and songwriters to students. It's like touring the Louvre, taking the Mona Lisa off the wall, stripping down the layers, discussing the techniques, putting it back together, then hanging our own version. So much better than just looking at it in a book!" — Justin Peters, Performing Arts Department Chair, Upper School Chorus and Middle School Chorus