Performance at MB

Drama Program

At Moses Brown opportunities for involvement in theater occur in both academic classes and cocurricular activities. Both are rooted in classical and creative study. Students learn and practice skills as actors, playwrights, directors, stage managers, costume and set designers, as well as lighting and sound technicians. Drama at MB offers a doorway into the analysis of human behavior, emotion, and relationships in addition to history and culture.

Once a year, each lower school class performs for the entire lower school community. Students experience the magic of practice and performance through one-act plays, variety shows, dance performances, and the fifth grade play which is written by the students and based on a curricular focus.

Middle school students take a semester-long drama class in both seventh and eighth grades which aims to build comfort, confidence, and skill in public presentations and performances. During winter term, students can participate in the after-school play production (which alternates between dramatic and musical theater) as actors, technicians, or crew members.

Upper school students can study acting, take on a major playwriting project, or examine Shakespeare both in performance and in a fiction-into-film adaptation class. Freshman Studies includes a unit that builds skills in storytelling, public speaking, and performance. Additionally, upper school students produce a drama in the fall and a musical each spring. The aim of the after-school drama program is to create a welcoming, supportive environment where students can have diverse friendships, acquire theater skills, and gain an appreciation for plays and performances. Rehearsals and production build a working company and emphasize the importance of teamwork and, as they prepare for performances, students work alongside professionally trained directors, singers, designers, and technicians. Winter workshop co-curricular is a more experimental forum where smaller groups of students direct plays of their choice.


Dance is integrated into the lower school as a month-long program in January that culminates in a division-wide performance for parents. Private group dance classes also are offered after school. Middle school dance enthusiasts are able to participate in the upper school cocurricular dance program which meets after school twice a week in both fall and winter seasons. Dance students may perform in the MB musical as their spring co-curricular. All classes culminate in recital for students, faculty, and families.