Athletic Training

Joyce C. Freeman ATC, OEC, CSCS
Certified Athletic Trainer, Moses Brown School
About MB Athletic Training
Providing healthcare for athletes of all kinds

Moses Brown sports medicine (Athletic Training Program) is twofold: to help prevent injuries as much as possible through preventive programs, and to facilitate an effective rehabilitation program after an injury. In all cases, the ultimate well being of each individual is considered the top priority.

The Certified Athletic Trainer is recognized by the American Medical Association as an allied Healthcare profession. The ATC works hand and hand with physicians and other healthcare providers. Moses Brown Athletic Training provides and performs duties that are and are not limited to:
  • Promote safe and appropriate practice and competition
  • Determine an individuals' readiness to participate in athletics and return to play after injury. 
  • Advises on taping, bracing, bandaging and proper equipment function and fit. 
  • On site recognition, evaluation and immediate treatment of illnesses and injuries, both acute and catastrophic.
  • Advise on conditioning for sports and activities 
  • Perform rehabilitation and reconditioning
  • Advise and inform Athletes and active people on proper nutrition and hydration for activity. Pre-game, during, post-game and practice snacking and drinking. 
  • Health and wellness issues addressed.
Joyce C. Freeman ATC, OEC, CSCS
Certified Athletic Trainer, Moses Brown School
ImPact : An Approach to Concussion Management

Concussions are a common injury in teenagers and the consequences of not recognizing them, or not managing them adequately, are becoming increasingly clear. Moses Brown is dedicated to helping and maintaining the safety of our students and athletes and to that end has incorporated a computerized concussion evaluation test called ImPACT Testing (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing).

This type of concussion assessment can help us evaluate a student/athlete after a concussion and tracks the recovery for safe return to play. Impact tests include some of the following features; the player’s symptoms, verbal and visual memory, as well as processing speed and reaction time. Impact takes approximately 30 minutes to take. We require all athletes to be impact tested with a baseline test before their season starts. This test is to be taken every two years. Athletic Trainer Joyce Freeman is the test administrator for MB. She will post testing times in the DIB and other locations on the website as they become available.

For more information on concussion management: national athletic trainers association