Campus Improvements

MB is currently undertaking an ambitious construction project, which will see the creation of the new Woodman Family Community & Performance Center in addition to significant renovations to Walter Jones Library. A number of playing field modification and improvements will be made to areas adjacent to the new building. Below are steps being taken to accommodate MB teams:

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  • Practice plans

    Practice plans for the entire fall season include use of the Milot, Moran, Mann, and Campannella fields.
  • Soccer/Field Hockey

    These teams will play additional games on Campanella — typically the varsity teams play four games, plus Homecoming, on the turf. This year it will be six. There are tentative plans for the middle school teams to compete on the turf. Soccer accommodations will be needed for two seasons.
  • Tennis

    Teams will practice and compete in two locations next fall, utilizing four courts at Hope High School and five courts at Nathan Bishop Middle School after 4:00 p.m. Tennis accommodations will be needed for one season.
  • Baseball

    With three baseball teams there will be challenges, but we are making progress in securing practice locations. Accommodations for baseball should be needed for one season.

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