Physical Education & Athletics

Moses Brown is one of the few independent schools to offer opportunities for training in a majority of the team sports most commonly offered at the college level. Student-athletes compete at a high level in 24 sports within the Rhode Island Interscholastic League as well as many independent schools in New England. Our teams include football, ice hockey, field hockey, soccer, cross country, tennis, squash, basketball, wrestling, swimming, baseball, softball, lacrosse, sailing, and golf. Some teams are coed. Our boys and girls teams have won championships in everything from field and ice hockey to softball and lacrosse, garnering more than five dozen titles in the last ten years.

Moses Brown’s athletic and physical education programs bring students together in an environment that promotes camaraderie and honors the contributions of each athlete. We see our athletic fields and courts as an extension of the classroom — 25 faculty coaches teach specialized skills and emphasize the values of commitment, responsibility, and team work. Respect for individual strengths and differences, as well as opponents and officials, is integral to our program. Athletes work hard, take risks, contribute as a member of a team, trust, and win and lose with equal grace, dignity, and sportsmanship. Moreover, the athletic program allows students to build friendships and bonds that they may not develop otherwise.

Lower school students participate in a physical education course several days a week. Students develop important gross motor and group participation skills and gain a greater understanding of their relationship to the physical world. Their increased agility and mobility fosters appreciation of healthy lifestyles.

Middle school physical education classes offer soccer, cross-country, basketball, wrestling, tennis, gymnastics, lacrosse, baseball, and other sports. In addition, students are encouraged to participate up to four days a week in the after-school athletic program in which many of their teachers also coach. Teams — including wrestling, swimming, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and softball — enter competition with nearby schools. Middle school PE also has a wellness component that is designed to set the foundation for a healthy lifestyle including physical activity, proper nutrition, and positive social behaviors.

Upper school students are required to select a physical activity for two seasons of the academic year, and may participate in the varsity or junior varsity programs each day after school (or another co-curricular activity, such as yoga). Some teams practice immediately after school for up to two hours, while others may have a late afternoon practice or game, especially in the winter season.