Academic Awards

Academic Awards 2015-16 School Year

PLEASE NOTE: Full names appear for alumni only.

Students and faculty were honored for their achievements this year during several different ceremonies, including Commencement, Academic Awards Day and Senior Dinner.
Cum Laude Society
Inducted in Spring 2016

Margaret Chase ’16
Vanessa Garcia ’16
Isabel Martinez-Daniel ’16
Ana Paterson ’16
Julia Plumb ’16
Justine Zienowicz ’16 
Inducted in Fall 2015

Ben Cassese ’16
Caroline Farber ’16
Jenna Filippelli ’16   
Hana Flaxman ’16
Divya Roberts- Gadipati ’16
Sarah Levine ’16
Matthew Parker ’16
Nicholas Plotkin ’16
Haley Ramsden ’16
Max Spurrell ’16
Alexa Steckler ’16
John Milton Payne II Prize
In memory of John Milton Payne II, class of 1927, for excellence in English

Cecily Adler ’16
Stephen Estrada ’16
Caroline Farber ’16 
Isa Hage ’16
Shailen Sampath ’16
Alexa Steckler ’16
Humanities Prize for History
Presented to a senior who has shown dedication to, a deep curiosity about, and excellence in the study of history.

Alfie Parr ’16
American History Prize
Given in memory of Carter Palmer, class of 1938, for enthusiasm, tenacity, and curiosity in the study of American History.

Cole T. ’17
Gabby O. ’17
Claiborne Pell Medal
Given for excellence in and a commitment to a strong set of values developed through the study of American History.

Brigid K. ’17
Humanities Prize for Religion
Given to a student who has shown dedication to and deep curiosity about the study of religion, human values, and ethics.

Lucy Tortolani ’16
World Languages Awards
Prize for Excellence in Latin

Leonardo Facchini ’16
Dante Book Prize for Excellence Italian

Jenna Fililppelli ’16
Prize for Excellence in Chinese

Divya Roberts-Gaddipati ’16
Prize for Excellence in Spanish

Matthew Parker ’16
Theodore S. Whitford Prize
Named for Ted Whitford, a beloved coach and teacher of French who taught at Moses Brown for 41 years, from 1931-1972, and for whom the World Language Lab is dedicated.

Nicholas Plotkin ’16
Prizes for Excellence in Mathematics
The following students are honored for their ability to understand mathematical concepts and apply their understanding as they master techniques needed to solve problems. They have devoted themselves to the study of mathematics and achieved success throughout the year.

Lily L. ’19
Liam M. ’18
Reilly Holzwarth ’16
Rensselear Prize
Given to a member of the junior class who is an outstanding student in mathematics and science.

Sydney J. ’17
Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award
Given for exceptional progress in science studies.

Brigid K. ’17
Thomas J. Battey Prize for Excellence in Biology
Given to a student who shows promise as a biologist.

Stephen Estrada ’16
Science Faculty Prize
Awarded for thoughtful and insightful work in science.

Arthur MacKeith ’16
Prize for Excellence in Science
Given in memory of Dr. Vincent A. Cianci, father of the late mayor of Providence, Buddy Cianci, class of 1958.

Hana Flaxman ’16
Visual Arts Recognition Book Prize

Collin M. ’18
Yue Z. ’18
Jack T. ’19
Sophia L. Pitman Prize
Awarded each year to students who have shown excellence and dedication to the visual arts.

Belle Channell ’16
Alfie Parr ’16
Ben Ben Tré Endowed Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts
Given to juniors who have demonstrated a high level of creativity and achievement in the visual arts.

Ian C. ’17
Tina J. ’17  
Performing Arts Department Awards
Awarded to seniors who have demonstrated excellence, achievement and collaboration throughout Music, Theater and Dance.

Hana Flaxman ’16
Arthur MacKeith ’16
Ana Paterson ’16
Nalin Richardson ’16
Meg Schimelfenig ’16
Peter Staples ’16
Class of 1948 Award for Independent Study and Inquiry
Presented to rising seniors for a project, course of study, or program that demonstrates individual initiative and creativity.

Ghazi Ahmad ’17
Sydney J. ’17
Brigid K. ’17
James L. ’17
Jared S. ‘17
Abigail S. ’17
Nathaniel C. Earle, Class of 1970 Student Senate Award
Given to a sophomore who has earned the respect of students and faculty alike for her school spirit and selfless contribution to the school and to the sophomore class.

Skyler S. ’18
Owen Awards
Awarded to two juniors to pursue an independent program or course of study that includes an emphasis on international study and service.

Lydia Beal ’17
Lex Majoros ’17
Moses Brown Alumni Award
Presented to a member of the senior class who has attended the school for at least four years, and who has shown the greatest overall improvement in scholarship, leadership, and character.

Ismael Ramirez ’16
Parents’ Association Award
Recognizes a senior who stands out among their classmates for dependability and concern for the welfare of others.

Kieran Harrington ’16
Rufus Bilodeau Faculty Award
Presented by the students to recognize that each faculty member’s commitment, ideals, expectations, and support foster each student’s gifts.

Jonathan Pitts-Wiley
James T. English Teaching Prize
This prize, named for Jim English, a middle and upper school divisional director at Moses Brown for 23 years, is awarded each year to an upper school faculty member whose colleagues recognize his or her commitment to excellence in the classroom and whose teaching practices and student interactions encourage all students to reach their fullest potential. A faculty committee meets to select the individual and recommend the award winner to the head of the upper school.

Bruce Shaw
Faculty Awards
The faculty Awards recognize special qualities or contributions to the school community. These awards have been written specifically for the students who receive them. The individuals have been selected by consensus of the upper school faculty.

James Calabresi ’16
Sofia Dwares ’16
Caroline Farber ’16
Chloe Peddle ’16
Isabelle Robinson ’16
Ben Steingold ’16
Thomas Prize
Given anonymously to honor Editha and Breck Thomas. Mr. Thomas was Headmaster from 1925 through 1955, and Mrs. Thomas taught music and drama. The award provides recognition to a senior who has labored hard to develop a talent of great value, and has exemplified a willingness to share this talent with others.

Zac Bender ’16
Charles, Elliot, and Lyman Brown Prize for Good Citizenship
Given to a student who exhibits the highest standards of leadership, school spirit, and positive influence.

Margaret Chase ’16
Head of School’s Award
Given for outstanding scholarship, school spirit, and influence.

Ben Cassese ’16
The Marc Dwares Award for Community Service

Lucy Carlisle ’16
Owen Jr. Memorial Award

Mason B. ’17
Grace L. ’17
The Peter D. Smith Memorial Award

Grace F. ’17
The Anthony L. Leonard Memorial Award

Alasia D. ’17