Support for Learning Differences

At Moses Brown, a Friends school, our mission is to inspire the Inner Promise of each child. To that end, we seek to foster and celebrate each student’s unique strengths and passions. We also recognize that all students will face challenges in their learning from time to time, and that some may require more personalized support in order to reach their full potential.  

While Moses Brown does not provide formal Special Education services, we have many students with a variety of documented learning differences who receive support and accommodations from different resources across the school.  

In the lower school, two full-time specialists in Math and Reading provide consultation to teachers and parents when a student begins to show signs of difficulty. They provide small group instruction for students needing reinforcement and practice within a smaller setting, and help coordinate more intensive responses as needed, e.g. one-on-one tutoring or referral for educational testing.  

In the middle school, students receive learning support directly from their teachers by meeting individually or in small groups during study halls and after school. The middle school program focuses explicitly on helping students develop Executive Functioning skills related to organization, time management, prioritizing, planning projects, and studying effectively. A small-group course is provided for students who may not acquire these skills easily or quickly within the regular classroom setting.  

In addition to meeting with individual teachers as needed, upper school students also have access to the Learning Center in the Walter-Jones Library, where extra support in each of the major academic disciplines is available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons.  

Moses Brown has a full-time Psychologist and a full-time Psychology Intern who provide counseling for social-emotional concerns and support for students with more serious or persistent academic challenges. Experts in educational testing, our Psychologists can guide families through the evaluation process and, in the event of diagnosed differences, help parents and teachers develop appropriate accommodations as needed.  

Many students find success at Moses Brown through modifications such as extended time on assessments, use of word processors during written exams, various supports or strategies for note-taking, recording class lessons, or reducing the quantity of practice-type homework. Since each child’s circumstances and needs are unique, our guidelines are interpreted and applied on an individual basis. In all such cases MB seeks to foster open communication between home and school, and to build around each child a team of caring, knowledgeable people who can provide consistent support and feedback.  

If you have questions about MB’s programs for supporting students with different learning styles, please contact the respective division head, or MB’s Psychologist, Dr. Jessica Stewart.