SAGE Dining Services

Get ready for another school year of culinary delights. Moses Brown School is pleased to announce that SAGE Dining Services will again be our food service provider for the 2017-2018 school year. (Full details about plan options for families) Established in 1990, SAGE is a privately owned company that specializes in independent schools, with nearly 200 clients from 38 states.

It's common practice for schools to examine their food service programs. Moses Brown recently underwent its own yearlong process of review and dialogue about what services would best suit our community, and a task force made up of MB faculty, staff and parents was assembled. Different services and approaches were considered during this process, and SAGE was determined to be the best fit.
More About SAGE

Videos (from their Vimeo page): SAGE Intro | Education | Scratch Cooking | Local Sourcing | Dining Services | People

The promise of food made from scratch, such as:
  • Freshly prepared soups and entrees;
  • House-roasted and hand-sliced deli meats and a variety of locally baked breads;
  • Fresh vegetables and herbs;
  • A variety of whole-grain salads, fresh vegetables and house-made dressings;
  • At least two fresh vegetables daily, as well as fresh-cut fruit.
Food and learning
SAGE seeks to make the dining experience educational, offering items in the context of culture, history and geography. Students are likely more willing to try unfamiliar foods after learning about them.

Real food
Cafeteria options will be cooked from scratch and made from fresh ingredients, cooked by people who have a passion for cooking–it doesn’t come out of a box or a can. Food will be sourced from local vendors -- healthy and fresh.

They are committed to variety. SAGE aims to maximize the customer experience by serving different options at every meal. In doing so, they aim to satisfy picky diners and provide choices for those with allergies.

Meet The Farmer
The company places a priority on connecting diners with the sources of their food. For example, SAGE requires its produce vendors to identify the farms from which they source their products. Overall, SAGE favors hiring local and regional distributors, many of whom are family operated.

New Serving Stations
SAGE is committed to making our new dining service more visually enticing, therefore drawing your students to different, diverse and refitted serving stations.
What options are available for school lunch?
Beginning in third grade, students have the option of participating in our all-inclusive lunch plan. Students who are not enrolled in the all-inclusive plan, may purchase lunch using a credit swipe card issued by Moses Brown, or cash. Purchases using the swipe card will be billed to families through Smart Tuition every month. Upper school students may also purchase lunch from Marc’s Place, a snack bar in the Dwares Student Center. Menus are posted in the Daily Information Bulletin and on the Moses Brown website as well as in the lower school. Any questions regarding Moses Brown’s dining plans may be directed to Jen Rawson: