The Jones Library • The Debbie Goff Library

In support of Moses Brown School’s mission, the Moses Brown Libraries exist to provide resources and services that
  • create a comfortable, secure, welcoming place for study, research, work, interaction and play
  • instruct and promote scholarly learning, community, and good citizenship
  • instill the values of integrity, respect, and curiosity
  • develop lifelong reading for personal development and joy
To fulfill this mission, students practice the skills of research, which are woven into the curriculum in all grades. Students participate in a digital literacy program, which includes copyright and fair use, that fosters the ethical use of information. Since studies show that independent reading closely correlates with career success and strong empathy, librarians work diligently to collect and recommend books for all readers' preferences.
Debbie Goff Library for Lower School
Lower school students enjoy dedicated library time each week. Children are read to and guided through the stacks to choose picture books and novels for home and classroom use.
Beginning in first grade, students learn research skills and work on classroom-based and library-based research projects with the lower school librarian. Many families visit after school to select new books, read together or finish homework.
Jones Library for Middle and Upper School
Middle school students engage in several research projects across subject areas, as well as participate in a robust cross-grade independent reading program. All students become well-versed in choosing and using appropriate print and online resources to support their academic queries. Sixth graders may exercise their developing research skills in learning about influential Quakers in history, seventh graders might research and debate the issue of Columbus Day, and eighth graders typically examine key issues in the Middle East, Africa, and China.

In Upper School, students learn and practice conducting scholarly research in each grade, preparing them for the college-level research. In finding and evaluating information, drawing unique conclusions and sharing them, they are preparing to participate in the scholarly community. Students have access to diverse and powerful information sources, from the newest books to seminal research, and from breaking news to news archives and college-level databases.

The Middle and Upper School Librarians enthusiastically support students’ habit of reading independently for enjoyment through diverse book collections and guidance to find their preferred reads. Whether students participate in reading groups, library advisory board, or informal sharing, reading books of their choosing fosters development of self-knowledge and empathy, leading to more confident and compassionate young people.

The Jones Library for Middle and Upper School is housed in the Hawes building, the former home of Moses Brown's gym, built in 1904. Converted to a library in the early 1980s, Jones Library was fully renovated in 2016. The main and mezzanine levels are dynamic spaces, designed for instruction, research and quiet study. The lower level houses archives storage and a research room, empowering scholars young and old to access the resources and artifacts of our 232-year history. A glass bridge connects the lower and main levels of the library to the Woodman Family Community and Performance Center (opening in December 2016).

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