Lower School


Jeff d'Entremont,Head of Lower School(photo credit Stephen Skoutas)
Jeff d'Entremont
Head of Lower School:

The Lower School at Moses Brown is rooted in the Quaker belief that each child has an inner light. Our goal as educators is to know each student as an individual. We believe this knowledge will help us develop the academic, social, & emotional tools needed for students to experience academic and social success.

Philosophically, we are committed to the development of the whole child. Our program strives to address the academic and social needs of children in developmentally appropriate ways. This means that as students progress through the Lower School, our program changes in ways that will gently guide them into their next phase of learning and development.

As a Friends school, our program is also committed to the Quaker testimonies of equality and stewardship. Programmatically, this means that our topics of study often seek to challenge students to see beyond their immediate experiences and to investigate topics from a global perspective. Additionally, service learning is often woven into units of study as a way to help students realize the positive impact we can have individually and collectively.

Our day to day work is rooted in the belief that the Parent-School Partnership is a critical one, and so it is not uncommon for teachers to communicate on a very regular basis with parents and vice versa. Our goal is that home and school should not feel disjointed for children. It is therefore critical that teachers and parents partner together.

Finally, one aspect of the Lower School that is uncharacteristic of most elementary settings is silence. Because we are a Friends school, silence is something we cherish and is built into our daily routine. All classrooms begin the day with five to ten minutes of silence. On Wednesday mornings we gather as a Lower School at the Providence Meetinghouse and share thirty minutes of silence together. Most of our families are not Quaker, and yet most will agree that our shared silence is one aspect of our program that defines the experience of a Friends education. Students will tell you, that silence is something they love about Moses Brown. We find that students, when given the opportunity daily to reflect quietly, often have insights that are deep and meaningful. Our students, as a result, are comfortable sitting silently with their own thoughts and have the ability to reflect independently.

We hope that you will spend time getting to know the Lower School by watching our students and teachers in action. It is an incredible environment for students and parents alike. Please take the opportunity to come see us.