Middle School

No day is like the last; every episode involving a middle school student is critical in guiding him or her to be a better self-advocate, a lifelong learner, and a confident and caring community member.


Jared R. Schott, Head of Middle School
Welcome to Moses Brown’s Middle School!
As a Friends School, Moses Brown's mission is “to inspire the inner promise of each student and instill the utmost care for learning, people, and place”. In our middle school, a potentially tumultuous time in a student’s life, our dedicated teachers strive to model respect for all people, to challenge students to think beyond themselves, and to help all student believe in their ability to develop the intuitive drive to excel at any and all tasks. And with their professional expertise and genuine concern for the spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and social growth of each child, our teachers look for the good, or inner light, in every child.
We pride ourselves on providing a safe, challenging, and comfortable place for children to find themselves, to experience the normal ups and downs of adolescence, and to grow to become healthy, curious, and active learners. While the academic, physical, emotional and social growth during the middle school years can be confusing and chaotic, but it really doesn’t have to be. When walking down our hallways, or joining a classroom discussion in middle school, visitors can feel the safety and sense of community. Our students hold doors open for others, are proud of each others’ triumphs, have positive and healthy relationships with their teachers, and have fun. Students are encouraged to share their voices, their perspectives and their opinions. Mostly, they are empowered to be their true selves, to make mistakes, and to consider how they learn, how they participate.
Our teachers, who also serve as advisors within a coordinated academic team structure, help students tackle difficult concepts within the classrooms, challenging social situations, and in the pre-adolescent exploration of who they are. The structural design of our buildings and program foster routine interaction between students and their advisors and teachers.  By honoring the student voice and demanding high standards of ethical behavior and personal accountability, our middle school faculty cheerlead for the success of every single student. Students learn that constructive feedback is a vehicle to improve, not an indictment of their ability. They learn that self-advocacy, developing honest relationships with adults and peers, and appreciating and celebrating their classmates’ gifts gives them the greatest opportunity to grow as people and learners.

The middle school academic program is rich, interesting, and demanding. Our middle school is for children who enjoy learning and challenging themselves and each other. At Moses Brown, students expect the best from themselves and their classmates. Teachers present challenging concepts to enrich and stretch our students intellectually, while simultaneously focusing on the equally important skills of being a student: organization, time management, oral and written communication, cooperation and collaboration, and proper, efficient preparation.
We are blessed by a culture of artistic creativity, athletic confidence, and a willingness to try new activities. All students are invested in the the visual and performing arts (including Jazz, Wind Ensemble, String Orchestra and Chorus). We offer 21 interscholastic athletic teams options, extra-curricular pursuits like Mock Trial, Robotics, Math Counts teams, and a popular drama program.  And with our daily focus on stewardship and care for our immediate and local communities, our middle school prepares our students to push their limits, build resilience, explore who they are, and enjoy the learning process.
I invite you to see us in action by visiting Moses Brown. It’s a wonderful, warm and caring place. I know you’ll be impressed by our students and teachers.
Jared R. Schott
Head of Middle School


Advisory System

In our middle school, the advisory program is essential to all academic, emotional, and social learning. Each middle school student is assigned an advisor, who is one of his or her core teachers. Each advisor has between 6-10 students in their advisory. The group meets at the start of every school day to discuss the plans for the day, any special events, to share and talk about on-going issues, and to provide support for each other as they navigate middle school life. Read more.