The Moses Brown Fund FAQ

List of 9 frequently asked questions.

  • Why does Moses Brown ask for fundraising support?

    The school’s ambitions for its students and programs far outstrip the resources provided via tuition revenue and endowment income distributions. In almost every area of the school, faculty and administrators have compelling hopes and dreams for further enhancing our programs and facilities. Fundraising, whether via annual giving or support of endowment or capital projects, makes MB even stronger and allows us to pursue a constant path of growth and enhancement.
  • What is The Moses Brown Fund?

    It is the school’s Annual Fund. As MB’s only annual fundraising effort, The Moses Brown Fund offers every community member the opportunity, every year, to invest in the promise of every student by making a philanthropic gift.
  • How will the school use my Moses Brown Fund gift?

    Gifts to The Moses Brown Fund will be invested in four strategic areas and in the percentages outlined below:
    40% Teaching and Academics
    20% Athletics, The Arts, & Friends Education
    20% Scholarships
    20% Our Historic Campus
  • How was my Annual Fund gift being used before?

    Gifts were invested as part of the school’s budget process and used to support the overall priorities of the school from year to year.
  • How is The Moses Brown Fund different from the old Annual Fund?

    The Moses Brown Fund is structured to support four distinct priorities of the school, so donors have a specific sense of how their gifts are utilized to support our students and faculty. It creates a clear and distinct identity that, along with the accompanying logo, immediately and emotionally connects donors to the school.
  • How often will I be asked for a gift?

    Each fiscal year you will be asked to make a new annual commitment to The Moses Brown Fund. We hope giving to The Moses Brown Fund will be the foundation of every community member’s philanthropy to MB. We invite/solicit participation in The Moses Brown Fund a number of times throughout the year - via mail, e-mail, and phone calling - but as soon as an individual makes a gift or pledge, those calls and letters stop coming until the beginning of the next academic year. Moses Brown works on a fiscal fundraising year that runs from July 1 to June 30.
  • I want my whole Moses Brown Fund gift to support only the “Teaching and Academics” part of the Fund. Can I do this?

    We ask every member of the community to give to The Moses Brown Fund every year and, by making a contribution, you endorse the premise of the Fund: that what makes MB truly outstanding is the total experience represented by all four of the strategic areas the Fund supports. Based on broad feedback by every segment of our community, we are confident that these are the areas which - together - have sustained MB's tradition of excellence for more than two centuries. Only by coming together to support the whole does each of its component parts get stronger. We hope that you will support this philosophy and want to be a part of building a sense of common purpose around the school’s annual giving effort.
  • Will I be asked to give to the Annual Fund, too?

    No. The Moses Brown Fund replaces the school’s long-standing Annual Fund. So in terms of annual giving at MB, The Moses Brown Fund is what all members of the MB community will be asked to give to annually; there is no other Annual Fund.
  • OK, I understand what you are trying to do with The Moses Brown Fund, but can I give to an individual project, program, or division?

    Yes. At different times, alumni, parents, grandparents and friends give (and/or are asked to give) to specific school priorities that are personally appealing to them, and this is an important way MB enhances its programs and facilities. However, these gifts are NOT part of The Moses Brown Fund. We hope that every member of the community will make The Moses Brown Fund the foundation of their philanthropy to MB each and every year.