Moses Brown Parents’ Association

The Moses Brown Parents’ Association partners with the school to ensure an exceptional educational experience, build community and present meaningful events. Our goal is to engage parents in the vital work and spirit of our school community.

The PA coordinates volunteer support across all divisions and creates opportunities for parents to connect with the greater school community and each other. We provide funding for events and programs which further strengthens our children’s Friends education through initiatives such as MBThere, our annual spring event. MBThere raises money for scholarships and faculty/staff development.

Who can participate?

All parents and guardians of Moses Brown students are members of our Parents’ Association.

For more information.

For a full listing of the PA executive board and class representatives please visit the PA section in MyMB here.

Check requests and other documents can also be found on this secure page.

For more information about our PA please contact the presiding clerk, Lisa Donahue at

We look forward to coming together and for your continued support to help enrich the lives of our children.

Join our community!