RI Secretary of State Amore Visits MB History Class

Moses Brown had the pleasure of hosting Rhode Island Secretary of State Gregg M. Amore on April 17 to speak with Jennifer Stewart’s US History class about his role in state government and also voter rights. Jennifer is a member of Rhode Island’s House of Representatives, and Secretary Amore served in the House for 10 years himself, so through sharing that connection, they were able to give a fun, first-hand look into local politics for the students!

Secretary Amore started his presentation by clarifying the role and function of the RI Secretary of State, which is an elected position every 4 years. The Secretary is charged with regulating elections in the state and that is the office’s biggest function. The office also maintains the state’s official records. He said that the 2020 election put many Secretary of States across the country on the forefront of the political world due to the many false changes of voter fraud in various states.

Like Jennifer Stewart, Secretary Amore was also once a history teacher and he clearly enjoyed the chance to be in the classroom again. He spoke about the history of voting in our country and in particular the problem of voter suppression throughout our history.

Taken before going to the class, Secretary Amore and other members of the Department of State, including MB parent Eileen Sweeney P’ 24 who serves as Director of Community Outreach and Engagement there, met with Head of Upper School Laura Twichell, Associate Head of School for Academics Debbie Phipps, and Interim Head of School Ron Dalgliesh.