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We are excited to be entering another great year of partnership with Sage Dining Services. While COVID presented some unique challenges for everyone, we’re excited to return to our usual cafeteria routine. Students will be able to make their own selections from the varied and delicious choices presented each day – whether it’s the tasty hot entrée, vegetarian meal, or a fresh garden salad.

Committed to cooking from scratch and preparing wholesome, nutritional food served at its best. SAGE is knowledgeable about nutritional and culinary trends and provides healthy menu options while also supporting the well-being of those with food allergies or restrictions. They are passionate about environmental sustainability, using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible and composting all organic waste. The staff is friendly, helpful, and passionate about cooking. SAGE also provides reliable and enjoyable catering for the many events at Moses Brown.

This year, we will continue to offer an all-inclusive lunch plan. This allows students to by-pass the line at the cash register and to return for seconds during their lunch period.

SAGE Dining at Moses Brown (an overview)

Or, see more for yourself with this helpful video, including 4 main reasons for opting-in to the meal plan!

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