Saturday, May 11

No matter how many years have gone by, and how many adventures you have had, Reunion 2019 will be an amazing time to share stories, reconnect with friends and faculty, and rediscover our transformed campus

Reunion Schedule

Friday, May 10

3:15 pm- 4:30 pm:  RENT rehearsal, Woodman Center

***Some reunion classes plan Friday evening get togethers

Saturday, May 11

10:00 am- 10:50 am:  Meeting for Worship: Remembering Classmates,  Providence Friends Meeting House on the corner of Morris & Olney
11:00 am- 2:00 pm:   Registration, Back Circle
11:00 am:  Campus Tours, Meet at Back Circle
11:00 am- 12:15 pm: Tennis Round Robin, Cooper Tennis Courts
11:00 am: Varsity Baseball vs Smith High, McCulloch Field

11:30 am- 2:00 pm: Lunch and Back Circle Activities
11:30 am- 1:00 pm: Class of 1944-1964 Reunion Luncheon, Jones Library
11:30 am- 1:00 pm: 50th Reunion Luncheon, Woodman Center

12:00 pm: Varsity Softball vs Rogers High, Moran Field

1:00 pm: Girls Varsity Lacrosse vs North Kingstown, Campanella Field

3:00 pm: Alumni Lacrosse Game, Campanella Field

4:00 pm: Cupola Tours, Front Circle

4:30 pm – 5:15 pm: Registration, Front Circle

5:15 pm: Front Circle Reception, Hall of Fame Award Presentation, MBAA Awards Presentation

7:00 pm: Reunion Dinner for Classes of 1944-1969, Sinclair Room
7:00 pm: Reunion Dinner for Classes of 1974-2014, Woodman Center
7:00 pm: Reunion Dinner for the Class of 1994, Jones Library

9:00 pm: The Celebration Continues, Woodman Center

**** schedule subject to change


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We look forward to welcoming you back to the Shadow of the Elms!!

Alumni registered as of 4/16/19

Class of 1954
Michael Bate

Class of 1959
Joel Davidsen
Walter Farnam
Stephen Fortunato
Thomas Godfray
Michael Knowles
Paul Sydlowski
Stephen Thornton

Class of 1964
Jon Chase
Scott Harker
Matt Runci

Class of 1969
Frank Celestino
John Clark
Michael Farber
N. Thatcher Harvey
David Hill
John Martin
Eliot Raymond
Winthrop Sanford
Mark Sisson

Class of 1974
David Boghossian
Ralph Derbyshire
Habib Gorgi
David McCahan
Sam Mencoff
Mark Nugent
Greg Sadovnikoff
Ted Winston

Class of 1979
David DeBlois
Roger Goodman
Nicholas Gorham
Amy Jones
Peter Kilmarx
Susan Minter
Karin Morse
James Myers
Henry Nodarse
Nicholas Nunez
David Parker
Peter Roe
James Stallman
John Zaubler

Class of 1984
Bernie Buonanno
David Goldberg
Hugh Madden

Class of 1989
David Boaz

Class of 1994
Ben Cooper
Zachary Florin
Daniel Gilbert
Lisa Harwood
Seth Kertzer
Brian Panoff
Seth Shapiro
Ben Struck

Class of 1999
Lauren Jezienicki
Sara MacLeod
Alexandra O’Connell
Angie Guild Sloan
Katie Young

Class of 2004
Rowan Acebes
Chris Brito
Alexa Gold
Pam Gyles
Spencer Kurn
Ted Parker
Miles Rutter
Jeffrey Smith
Arian Solomon

Class of 2009
Derek Army
Jazmin Eaves
Melissa Gordon
Joshua Padwa
Jason Perfetto
Brayden Puddington
Mia Puddington
Amanda Ramirez
Neil Vasquez

Class of 2014
William Allcock
Robert Calabresi
William Chadwick
Audrey Falk
Leah Falk
Alexander Farkas
Sophia Gould
Spencer Greer
Jane Harrington
Alan Hunt
Leah Lombardi
Carlin Lynch
Matthew Romano
Jack Stallman
Sarah Steingold

Can't wait to see you on May 11th!