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“We respect our coaches and appreciate each other. We work together — every single day — toward a common goal. The lessons in discipline, time management, and sportsmanship I’ve learned on the field have made me a better student and a better person.” — Mike, junior

Competing in Rhode Island’s Interscholastic League, Moses Brown’s athletic and physical education programs promote camaraderie and honor the contributions of each athlete, and have won over 60 championships in the past ten years. With respect for individual strengths and differences, opponents, and officials, MB athletes work hard, take risks, and win and lose with grace and dignity.

Moses Brown is one of the few independent schools to offer opportunities for training in a majority of the team sports most commonly offered at the college level.

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Katie Denoyelle

Middle School Physical and Health Education and Wellness Department Chair

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Katie Denoyelle

Springfield College – B.S.
Providence College – M.Ed.

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