Spanish 2 Honor Students Visit the MoMA!

The Spanish 2 Honors students recently visited the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The class has been working on a unit on Picasso and Cubism. Students are focusing on how the historical context in Spain greatly influenced Picasso’s art at the time. What a better way to look at his works than by going to the MoMA!

Freshman, Elise M. wrote of the experience:

“I enjoyed the New York trip last week. We began preparing for the trip by watching a documentary about Picasso’s life and progress as an artist over the years, and answering questions about the documentary. Then, last Friday we went on the trip, leaving at 7 am. We got to Cancun Restaurant at 11:30 and had a great lunch of quesadillas with chicken and cheese. After lunch, we took a walk outside to visit the MoMA. At the MoMA, we had a tour of a few of Picasso’s painting, one of which was Les Demoiselles d’Avignon. We worked for a few minutes listening about and sketching the painting. Then we went through a few more of his masterpieces and to end our visit at the MoMA, we looked at one of Frida Kahlo’s paintings, My Parents, My Grandparents, and I. The week after we visited the MoMA, we worked for two classes in the Ceramics room on a cubist self-portrait. I painted mine as a semi-realistic face which was blue and cut up into shapes. My hair was also in different shapes – pink, red, orange, and yellow. I enjoyed the last part of the project, where we did self-portraits the best because I liked being able to use what I learned from Picasso creatively. “