COVID guidance remainder of year

A message from MB School Nurses:

There are 8 weeks left until the end of the school year. These remaining weeks are going to be crucial in maintaining all of our safety measures to maintain in-person learning and avoid spread of the virus. We are asking our community to be vigilant of symptoms and really model our safety precautions to make it through the end of the year.

Fifty percent of positive cases in the US at this moment stem from the UK B.1.1.7 variant which is approximately 30-80% more contagious. With this variant, we are seeing more allergy-like symptoms and are urging everyone who has symptoms, regardless if they have a history of seasonal allergies, to test out of an abundance of caution.

Reminder of symptoms that require testing:
-One of these symptoms:
-Shortness of breath
-Difficulty breathing
-New loss or taste of smell

Two of these symptoms:
-Muscle aches
-Nausea or vomiting
-Congestion or runny nose

Given that we are still in a pandemic and are in allergy season, we understand the overlap in more routine illnesses with COVID-like symptoms and chronic conditions. The R.I. Department of Health recommendation is to be consistent with allergy and asthma medications to avoid exacerbations/flares. Testing to develop a baseline will help ensure a safe return to school.

Reminder of protocols in place:

School Pass Wellness Checks: Please be sure to monitor for symptoms and answer your wellness checks every day prior to school. To properly track and ensure health and proper resources for testing, please be sure to notify Barret (US/MS) and/or Shanna (LS) of all illness-related absences or travel.

Wearing masks at all times (exceptions: eating and masks breaks). Resources:
Video: I wear a mask because…
Mask Poster: It’s a 2 Way Street:

Keeping PODs separate/maintaining social distance of 3-6 feet when possible:

Lower/Middle schools: At the moment we are still asking families to keep pods separate outside of school. If there is a mix in pods and you are asked to quarantine or test positive, let us know so that we are aware of who needs to be quarantined in case of an exposure.

Upper school:

-Upper school students should continue to follow social distancing, both in and out of school.

-If you are asked to quarantine or test positive, please let us know if you have been in close contact with other students, so that we are aware of who needs to be quarantined in case of an exposure.

-Close contacts include within a 6-feet distance for 15 minutes or more throughout 24-hour period, with or without a mask in any situation including the classroom, lunch, library, co-curriculars, etc.

-Please let us know if you have had close contact (15 minutes within 6 feet, with or without a mask, in any situation including the classroom, lunch, library, co-curriculars, etc.).

Continue to use other safety measures: continue to practice regular hand-washing routines and get vaccinated if possible.

Vaccines available for all ages 16+ in RI and MA starting April 19:
For R.I.: Vaccines are now available for ages 16+ with qualifying underlying medical conditions or for people who live in the following zip codes: 02860, 02861, 02863, 02893, 02895, 02904, 02905, 02906, 02907, 02908, 02909, 02910, 02911, 02914, 02919, 02920.

Vaccines will be available to ALL over the age of 16 regardless of zip code or pre-existing conditions beginning Monday, April 19th. Use the link below to help find a clinic. You can also check with your local CVS and Walgreens. Those under 18 need to make sure it is a Pfizer Clinic.

RI Find a Vaccine Clinic:
New appointments are usually added every Friday at 5:00PM

MA Find a Vaccine Clinic:

What to expect after getting a COVID vaccine?

We have to remind ourselves how far we have come from last year and the direction that we are heading in. We ask for your continued support in being safety champions to model and reinforce our public health precautions and keep our community healthy.

Shanna Salazar
School Nurse (LS)

Barret Clarke
School Nurse (MS/US)

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