Statement Regarding The Events In Buffalo

Dear Moses Brown Community,

The deadly events that unfolded in Buffalo, NY over the weekend are weighing heavily on my heart and mind today. What appears to be the specific targeting and murder of black people by a white male is a shocking and deplorable demonstration of the racial hatred that some in this country continue to espouse.

Horrific events like this leave many citizens feeling threatened and targeted, and we need to show care for those impacted by this violence and the racism that motivates it.

As a Friends school, Moses Brown denounces violence, racial and otherwise, and is committed to creating an environment where all feel welcome, known, and safe. This is the fundamental purpose of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts, the importance of which is underscored by the events in Buffalo. Specifically, we need to consistently name, speak out against, and counteract racism in all its forms.

Sadly, gun violence is also on the rise here in our state, and we are dedicated to teaching students about the peaceful resolution of conflict through partnership with organizations like the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence.

Because many of our students will have seen news coverage of this tragedy, we want to provide parents with the following resources about how to talk with and support children in the wake of tragic events. Our counselors, Krista Haskell (N-6, and Rachel Zelouf (7-12, can also assist those who may feel a need for more support.

How to Talk to Children About Difficult News (from the American Psychological Association)
Talking with Students About Shocking or Disturbing News (from Common Sense Education)
Talking to Kids About Racism and Violence (from the Child Mind Institute)

Please join me in holding in the Light all those impacted by these tragic events.

Matt Glendinning