1st Grade

Language Arts

In first grade at Moses Brown, we meet each child where they are, providing the challenge and support that keeps kids moving forward and discovering new capabilities within themselves.

Students have reading time and writers’ workshop every day, and their journals provide a delightful (and funny) chronicle of the year at school and at home.  As part of that process, we teach them about the craft and process of writing, the conventions of different forms, and how to write for a specific purpose.  Children write and revise non-fiction narratives about their lives, and make their case to parents in a piece of persuasive writing that has upped a few allowances over the years.

First graders also tackle their very first research project.  This multi-disciplinary unit has them researching a North American mammal in science class, writing about it during Language Arts (English), and creating a lifelike mask of that animal’s face through a multi-stage process in Art.

Daily mini-lessons introduce, expand, and reinforce the skills that students practice in their journals, and frequent one-to-one check-ins accelerate their growth with guided help from teachers.

Throughout the year, kids read more independently for longer periods of time, and learn not only how to write, but also how to edit their work and ready it for publication in The Friendly Dragon, the annual lower school literary magazine.



Samantha Bradshaw ’85

Lower School Literacy Coordinator

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Samantha Bradshaw ’85

University of Vermont – B.A.
University of Rhode Island – M.A.

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