2nd Grade

Global Awareness

Whether reading about ancient Greece, modern-day Japan, or the neighborhood around our school, developing an awareness of the wider world is an essential part of second grade at Moses Brown.

In the study of the Olympics, we explore how the history and geography of Greece influenced the mythology that endures today.

While studying Japan, we familiarize ourselves with the globe, Skype with a friend from the other side of the world, and travel to a real house from Kyoto (at the Boston Children’s Museum) to see how people live their daily lives in a different culture.

In a study of light, children learn that there are places in the world that don’t have working electricity, and must rely on fire or solar lanterns for light after sundown.  They then make and sell solar lanterns of their own to raise money for Solar Sisters, and organization which funds women’s micro businesses selling solar lamps in villages without electricity.

It’s all part of learning that the way we’re used to isn’t the only way people live.  And the more we know that, the more we appreciate difference and can empathize with people unlike ourselves.



Jeremy Saksik

Lower School First Grade, Global Awareness/TRIPs Tri-Clerk

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Jeremy Saksik

University of Massachusetts – B.S.
Lesley University – M.A.

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