2nd Grade


Second graders are passionate sponges for information. Developmentally, they love order and facts. They are extremely luck to have their own Rigamajig™ kit, a giant engineering tool and toy that invites kids to create, build and collaborate. Second graders spent two months using the kit in our Y-Lab space to design structures that can answer questions such as “How might an inclined plane make it easier to lift pyramid rocks into place?” “How do a pulley and an inclined plane compare in their lifting ability?” We also use a giant seesaw to visualize the power of the lever as students get to lift their classmates into the air using only one finger.

In the spring we learn about the human body, naming bones and diagnosing X-rays.  Using our super-secret shrink ray, we transform into a class of red blood cells, traveling around campus to drop off oxygen and collect carbon dioxide.  In this fact-filled, highly engaging unit, children invariably notice that although we all have the same structures, we are like snowflakes. We are wonderfully unique individuals, which makes our community and the world an exciting place to be.

As with most classes, this provides an opportunity to remind students of the Quaker values that are at the core of a Moses Brown education, and that doing well begins with doing good.



Elizabeth Grumbach

Lower School Science


Elizabeth Grumbach

Bowdoin College – B.A.
Columbia Unversity’s Teacher’s College – M.Ed.

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