2nd Grade


The iPhone is older than today’s second graders.  In addition to reading, writing and arithmetic, today’s students need to learn how to create digital programs, not just consume them.  Coding introduces students to the process of computational thinking, in which students break a problem down and express a solution in steps that a computer can understand.

As these children grow, the ability to code will become as critical a part of their success as reading and arithmetic were to ours (and our parents).  No matter what field they choose, computers will be part of their work and daily life, and they will find themselves more capable and independent if they understand how computers work.

With this in mind, second graders use iPads to learn and practice coding with apps like Scratch Jr., Kodable, Lightbot Jr. and Tynker.   They also participate in The Hour of Code, a global movement that gets kids coding and collaborating, nurturing their creativity, problem-solving abilities, and team sense.



Erika McEnery

Lower School Technology

Erika McEnery

University of Vermont – B.S.
Lesley University – M.Ed.

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