2nd Grade


There’s nothing quite as good as seeing for yourself.  That’s why every grade at Moses Brown has multiple age-appropriate travel and immersion experiences.

During a study of the Olympics, mythology, and Greece, a Special Olympian visits class (with his medal, naturally) to introduce kids to the world of differently-abled athletes.

After studying the globe and Skyping with a friend in Japan, children travel to Boston to visit the traditional Kyoto house in the Children’s Museum.

And while learning about ballet as a storytelling form that combines narrative, music, art, and dance, the second graders head over to the Providence Performing Arts Center to experience the magic of Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker for themselves.

As the children progress through lower school, these trips become longer and more significant, culminating with a study of civil rights that takes them to the Martin Luther King, Jr. Monument in Washington, D.C.

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Jeremy Saksik

Lower School First Grade, Global Awareness/TRIPs Tri-Clerk

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Jeremy Saksik

University of Massachusetts – B.S.
Lesley University – M.A.

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