3rd Grade


In third grade we start our year taking a deep dive into materials that help us understand floating, density and buoyancy. Student use this knowledge to design, construct, test and redesign a boat that will hold as many pennies as possible.

As they learn about the distribution of water on the planet and calculate their own daily water budget, students tackle the question, “How can we be water-wise users of the global well?” In the Y-Lab, they use Corel to design laser-cut plaques sharing advice about ways we can all be better stewards of this precious natural resource.


Exploring a River

Third Grade Visits the Woonasquatucket River

Students worked with members of Save the Bay at Riverside Park in Olneyville. After helping the students locate our place on a map and explaining Save the Bay’s mission, the teachers split the students into four groups. Each group spent about 40 minutes at four different stations.


Elizabeth Grumbach

Lower School Science


Elizabeth Grumbach

Bowdoin College – B.A.
Columbia University’s Teacher’s College – M.Ed.

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