4th Grade


Fourth Grade scientists are ready to wrestle with more abstract concepts–as long as they’re relevant.

This developmental stage is notable for emotional intensity and the growing importance of peer relationships.  In science, students collaborate in pairs or groups, deepening friendships with a variety of classmates.

Whether they are designing a six-foot anatomically correct flower to be ‘pollinated’ by the Nursery students’ Ladybug Parade, or trying to create an engaging electrical game using wires, a battery, and an LED, our 4th graders grapple with scientific knowledge or concepts and use them to address challenges and problems.

After learning about the biology of seeds and plants, they excitedly delve into issues such as deforestation and invasive species, writing petitions to change the paper-using behaviors of community members or filming movies to encourage people to pull invasive species out of their gardens. These activities connect scientific concepts with Quaker values of stewardships and community, reinforcing the idea that we are all connected, we all matter, and we all bear the responsibility of taking care of one another.

Whether tackling the intransigence of the trash problem, or making a light-up greeting card for someone special, fourth grade scientists constantly strive to make sense of the world around them, and do their part to make it a better place.



Elizabeth Grumbach

Lower School Science


Elizabeth Grumbach

Bowdoin College – B.A.
Columbia Unversity’s Teacher’s College – M.Ed.

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