5th Grade

Global Awareness

Whether studying the civil rights movement, slavery, or child labor, developing an awareness of the wider world is a central part of fifth grade at Moses Brown.

Fifth graders learn that there are always multiple sides to a story, and many valid and valuable approaches to life, knowledge essential to being a thoughtful and engaged citizen of the 21st century.

They also spend a week playing the World Peace Game, which requires them to consider others’ viewpoints as they wrestle with international relations and global problems, tangled in a set of 50 interlocking challenges. It’s all part of learning that the way we’re used to isn’t the only way people live.  And the more we understand that, the more we appreciate difference and can empathize with people unlike ourselves.

And while these lessons are engaging and enlightening, there are some things that can only be learned by going out and seeing for yourself.  That why kids have a range of travel opportunities, from day trips to overnights that begin to shape students’ sense of self out in the world, away from parents.  These experiences build tremendous confidence in kids, and establish friendships that last a lifetime.  Connecting lessons to people and places in the real world, like the John F. Kennedy Museum in Boston, or historically significant sites from the civil rights movement in Washington, D.C., leaves an indelible impression on fifth graders, ensuring that the lessons of fifth grade stay with students, rather than staying in the classroom.



Jeremy Saksik

Lower School First Grade, Global Awareness/TRIPs Tri-Clerk

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Jeremy Saksik

University of Massachusetts – B.S.
Lesley University – M.A.

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