6th Grade


In sixth grade, English and history are integrated into a humanities curriculum that uses fiction, non-fiction, and primary sources to explore a variety of topics. We begin with a study of geography and time and then transition to a closer look at early humans and the development of two ancient civilizations, Mesopotamia and Greece. During the second semester students study a variety of topics including Quakerism, World War II, the Holocaust, and the refugee crisis. Historical themes and ideas come alive for students while reading a memoir, a novel, a graphic novel, a play, and various poems. This content is supported with a history textbook, documentaries, carefully curated library research guides, and a variety of non-fiction books. The course builds on reading and writing skills learned in Lower School while emphasizing note taking, active reading, researching, summarization, analysis, and presentation skills. There will be opportunities for creative writing as students are challenged to craft a short story, an epic poem, and a graphic novel. Important local field trips during the year bring students to the RISD museum to look at the ancient art collection and to the Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center to hear a Holocaust survivor speak. Additionally, guest speakers are invited into the classroom to share their experience and knowledge on our topics of study.



Sam Kravitz

Middle School English/Humanities and Academic Team Leader

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Sam Kravitz

Providence College – B.A.
Brown University – M.A.

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