6th Grade


Sixth graders read, discuss, and write stories, essays, and poetry.  With engaging literature and productive, respectful critique sessions, Moses Brown students develop a passion for the English language and a love of books.

With both shared and independent reading of memoirs, short stories, novels, poetry, and plays, class texts are a springboard to the craft of writing.  Once they’ve gotten a good look at how the masters do it, students dive into the craft and practice of writing, using the lessons they’ve learned to create polished work of our own.  Along the way, they build muscular vocabularies and learn the proper uses (hint: there are many, and ‘proper’ depends on your audience) of punctuation, parts of speech, and parts of a sentence.

English class isn’t just reading and writing, however.  Texts come alive with immersive projects that extend what they’ve gleaned from the page.  While reading Dovey Coe, they stage a criminal trial, complete with rules of evidence.  In discussing The Giver, they debate the characteristics of a utopia, whether it’s possible to have a society that serves everyone equally, and what’s sacrificed when you try to create one.  While reading poetry, they write and perform our own spoken-word creations.  In our exploration of The Diary of Anne Frank, they transform the classroom into a Secret Annex.



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