6th Grade

Global Awareness

Global awareness is having a sense of what’s out there, knowing what can’t be put in a textbook, essay, or white paper.  It places humanity and justice in the center of self-discovery and learning. There are many ways Middle School students and faculty fold global awareness into daily learning and life at Moses Brown.

Sixth graders research, design, and stage an immersive exhibit, transforming an entire floor of school into a living history museum of Chinese history.  They also partner with the Islamic School of Rhode Island to engage in meaningful conversations about the religion of Islam, and explore the roots of Islampohobia.

Students welcome new arrivals to this country in partnership with the Refugee Dream Center and raise money for books for underserved readers in Jamaica.  Through research, field trips, guest speakers, and community connections, we bring Moses Brown classrooms out into the world, and the world into our classrooms.



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