6th Grade


Imagine you are digging in your back yard and you find the broken pieces of a strange, unidentifiable object. Patiently, carefully, you put some of the pieces together and have to guess: what was this object for? Who made it and why? What was their story and place in the world? Sixth grade History is the study of ancient world cultures about which we have clues but no living representatives!

Students begin 6th grade history as school detectives, using the history of Quakerism to study and understand school culture.  Then they’ll study early human development from homo habilis to homo sapiens and create their own definition of ‘civilization.’ With that in hand, they’ll study the civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia, Greece, and Egypt–and make a royal headdress to demonstrate their understanding of the theology and symbols of ancient Egyptian society.  They’ll also have to write, memorize, and deliver an oration asserting the greatness of Athens versus Sparta.

Throughout the year students will collect clues to the relationships between geography, culture, and customs. With plenty of reading and writing, they’ll practice different questioning and note-taking strategies as they prepare written and oral presentations.  Depending on their individual passions, kids may write a song, create a game, or code an animation about world cultures as they dive deeper in  their research, working individually and as part of diverse teams to become top-notch school detectives!


Singing History

MB Hamilton

This performance of two sections from the musical Hamilton was the finale of the 2016 Middle School Talent Show. Original music and lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda.


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