6th Grade

World Languages

Sixth graders at Moses Brown can choose to study Spanish, French, or Latin.  In addition to learning the basics of pronunciation, sentence structure, and vocabulary, they dive into the cultures where their chosen language is spoken, and use language as a way of understanding and celebrating cultural differences.

Latin learn expressions commonly found in English (i.e., carpe diem, status quo, etc.), followed by the building blocks of sentences: noun, verbs, adjectives, and prepositional phrases that help them establish a foundational vocabulary.  While there is plenty of reading and writing, students orate, dance, and sing through the year for multisensory exposure.  With small-group collaborative projects, they explore not only the language, but also the literature, mythology, and daily life of ancient Rome.


French students are acquainted with the sounds, vocabulary, and syntax of français, and cognates common to French and English.  They learn to greet one another, share details of the day, and play games as they expand their vocabulary and facility with deliberate practice.  Through colloquial expressions and regular conversation, they learn French as it is used by native speakers.

In sixth grade, Spanish students use simple sentences and turns of phrase to discuss familiar topics and navigate everyday social interactions.  Along the way, they’ll learn how to introduce themselves, describe where they’re from and what they like–in short, everything they need to make a new amigo or amiga in el mundo real!

Language and Technology

iPads help MS Latin students explain everything

Middle school Latin language students have been using a mobile app to learn and share core vocabulary in class.


Emilia Peña-Disla

Middle School Spanish


Emilia Peña-Disla

University of Rhode Island – B.A.
University of Rhode Island – M.A.

Karim Sow

Middle School French and Middle School Spanish


Karim Sow

University of Niger – B.A.

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