7th Grade

Quaker Education

At the root of Quakerism is the idea that every person has a divine Inner Light and is equally deserving of love and respect.  We teach children to ask questions, to reason through answers, and to expect the very best from themselves, their classmates, and their teachers.

Weekly Meeting for Worship offers unprogrammed space for worship, meditation, and reflective thinking.  When a member of our community feels moved to share, they stand and speak publicly to the group before settling back into silence, giving everyone something new to consider if they wish.  In their advisory groups, students plan topics for consideration in Meeting for Worship.

Seventh graders learn to serve others, raising money for underserved readers through Books Are Wings, welcoming new immigrants at the Refugee Dream Center, and bridging cultural divides at the Islamic School of Rhode Island.

We connect our school culture to a study of the Protestant Reformation in seventh grade history, and examine the transformative impact of Quakers on American industry, starting with Moses Brown’s inception of the American Industrial Revolution, and wrestle with its complications–how could a passionate abolitionist and social reformer be blind to the ills of child labor?  We keep journals to help us reflect on how we live the basic values of Quakerism in our lives: simplicity, peace, integrity, community, equality, and stewardship (SPICES).