8th Grade

Global Awareness

Global awareness is having a sense of what’s out there, knowing what can’t be put in a textbook, essay, or white paper.  It places humanity and justice in the center of self-discovery and learning. There are many ways Middle School students and faculty fold global awareness into daily learning and life at Moses Brown.

In partnership with Brown University, Moses Brown welcomes students and educators from Changle (Chang-lee) middle school in Shandong, China, and is in talks to establish a trip to send students and teachers from MB to visit them there.  Talking about life, culture, and country, both at school and while hosting Chinese homestay students, broadens students’ perspectives and gives them a fresh look at their own lives.

Students welcome new arrivals to this country in partnership with the Refugee Dream Center and raise money for underserved readers in Jamaica.  Through research, field trips, guest speakers, and community connections, we bring Moses Brown classrooms out into the world, and the world into our classrooms.



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