8th Grade


Eighth graders at Moses Brown complete a full course of Algebra I in preparation for Geometry in upper school (regular, honors, or accelerated).  They work in small groups to discover their own strengths, how to learn from talented classmates, and how to put it all together to succeed as a team.

Accelerated Conceptual Algebra accepts ambitious and capable students, challenging them with strong abstract thinking, problem-solving ability, and study habits.  They exercise their best mathematical thinking, participate in periodic math challenges, and tackle more difficult conceptual material.

While students use plenty of textbooks, pencils, and erasers, they also find that math moves outside classrooms at Moses Brown.  They apply their understanding of mathematical models and microeconomics to design (and live within) a model budget based on randomly-assigned variables in the RealCareTM baby project, getting a first-hand look at how life circumstances help or hinder a family’s ability to thrive in America.

Compound interest formulas get real when students figure out how much money they could retire with.  What if it were compounded monthly instead of annually?  And what does this good news about savings accounts mean for us when we think about credit cards?

With a variety of algebraic formulae, students evaluate two fictional companies making the same product.  With different costs (and unit profits), which one will break even first?  Could other equations help us get the answer faster?  And what can the trailing company do about this situation?

With a midterm and final exam, eighth graders also practice preparing for significant tests, laying the groundwork for success in upper school.



Dan Ohl

Middle School Mathematics and Middle School Mathematics Department Chair


Dan Ohl

College of the Holy Cross – B.A.

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