9th Grade

Global Awareness

Global awareness is having a sense of what’s out there, knowing what can’t be put in a textbook, essay, or white paper.  It places humanity and justice in the center of self-discovery and learning.  Students and faculty fold global awareness into daily learning and life at Moses Brown.

In partnership with the Swearer Center at Brown University, Moses Brown students apply their best analytical and creative thinking to the real-world challenges faced by local entrepreneurs.  Serving as a consulting corps, they work on real problems faced by local business owners, conducting field research, analyzing data, and offering creative ideas to help them succeed.  To do this work, we host guest speakers and visit businesses to see how their challenges play out in the real world.

In learning about the global convergence of European power over the last millennia, we draw students’ attention to the voices often left out of history books.  We talk about the cultures and nations that were displaced, and how these dynamics shape the way we see the world.


When they’re helping veterans through Operation Stand Down Rhode Island (as above), watching a professional theater productions of works they’re studying, and visiting National Institutes of Science mathematical research facilities, students get out of their routines and comfort zones to experience the ways that what they’re learning in school plays out in the real world.

Summer trips extend students’ learning in dramatic and powerful ways.  Whether they’re doing field research as citizen scientists and repairing cattle fences in Yellowstone with a Montana rancher, running Class V rapids on the Nile, or studying evolution in the Galápagos islands, Moses Brown students have a broad range of opportunities to learn about the world firsthand, guided by the same thoughtful and caring educators they work with every day.  Through it all, we bring our classrooms to the world and the world to our classrooms.


Gara Field

Dir. of Global Education

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Gara Field

University of Hartford – B.A.
University of Hartford – M.A.
Harvard University – M.Ed.
University of Connecticut – Ph.D.

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