9th Grade


All Freshmen at Moses Brown begin the school year with a three-day adventure at the Friends Camp in South China, Maine.  Students will discover and clarify their personal goals, and begin to develop a shared sense of community that will shape their upper school experience.  Under the leadership of the Director of Global Education and the Director of Student Life, they will focus on social entrepreneurship, a theme that will follow them through their upper school experience.   Additionally, 16 seniors will travel with the group as peer mentors.  With frequent guest speakers and special programming, ninth graders’ classes are often enlivened by outside experts who come to Moses Brown to share their knowledge with the next generation of scholars, artists, athletes, learners, and leaders.

Over spring break, they can work side by side with scientists and ecologists from the conservationist organization Para La Naturaleza in Puerto Rico, exploring mangrove, reef, and blue water ecosystems and the ruins of the Spanish empire and U.S. Cold War installations.  They can help staff a series of medical clinics in the Dominican Republic, bringing much-needed services to underserved populations.


In the summer, students yearning to go West can join the Yellowstone trip, on which they have the opportunity to work the range, studying pronghorn migration patterns and putting in hard days’ work mending cattle fences with a working rancher, or they can hike Mount Rainier and the San Juan islands.  If they’d prefer to go far East, they can travel to China to visit cities of political, economic, and historic significance, or learn about Egyptian civilization on the banks of the Nile.  Young scientists can check their notes against Charles Darwin’s in the Galápagos islands, get a firsthand look at classical art and culture in Florence, or learn about leadership and international diplomacy in Berlin.

Some things can’t be learned in a essay, white paper, or textbook, which is why at Moses Brown, we bring our classrooms to the world and the world to our classrooms.

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Service TRIPs

Dominican Republic Service Trip

Each year during the first week of Spring Break, a group of upper school students venture on a medical service trip to the Dominican Republic to provide basic medical assistance in rural sugar cane farming villages. This video, narrated by students, offers a glimpse of this amazing yearly trip.


Gara Field

Dir. of Global Education

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Gara Field

University of Hartford – B.A.
University of Hartford – M.A.
Harvard University – M.Ed.
University of Connecticut – Ph.D.

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